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At Great American Doors we are a family owned and operated service and repair company. Why pay hundreds of dollars more for the SAME service we offer at a fraction of the cost. Most all garage door technicians are paid on a commission only basis and in most cases will take advantage by selling parts and services that are not needed to ensure they get a paycheck. At Great American Doors our technicians are not paid on commission, we have no large warehouses or unnecessary expenses and we focus on keeping our overhead low. So with all the money that large companies spend it is no secret that they charge YOU the customer more to stay in business. The bottom line is there are 3 factors that go into repairing your garage door. First, a knowledgeable and experienced technician. Never let an inexperienced or noncertified person work on your door this is not a job for a just anybody. Second, have the correct replacement parts installed. Companies save a lot of money by using cheap, and in some cases completely wrong, parts that are designed to fail in just a few years. These parts are referred to as low cycle parts and there are a lot of companies out there that use them and use them often. When the wrong parts are used on your door it will never run as it was designed and WILL cause premature failure and damage to you opener as well as existing parts on the garage door. Last is the warranty. We stand by all of our parts and service using only the longest lasting and highest cycle parts available. Our technicians are honest and experts in their field. In most cases we include a lifetime warranty.